1. Using Gears to transmit the device
2. Give up the rubber belt design cause that is easily damaged
3. Best durability, don't need to worry the leather belt broken
4. Specially patent protected
Using Gears to Transmit the Device
Specially Patent Protected

Open It:

1. Using the specially opening technology
2. You don't need to step by step to open the measuring wheel, you can hold the handle
and direct fling it
3. Easily and quickly using

Close It:
1. Separated the lock button and added one
spring for easily close it
2. Patent protected design
3.You don't need to worry the device damaged

Patent Protected -- Three Parts Design Lock Button and Spring
1. ABS & TPR co-molded materials
2. Convenient reset function
3. Breaking trigger eliminates
4. High cost, but most reliable
5. No rubber handles sticky feeling after long time using
1. Counter with magnify lens
2. The digits is very clear to read
3. Supporting inch (6 digitals) and cm (5 digitals)
1. ABS frame + Polyurethane tire.
2. The frame and tire is co-molded, the gap will not be happened.
3. Using the rivet is much stronger than screw.
4. Dont need to worry the screw will get loose easily due to no thread
hole on the alum.
Using the Rivet is Much
Stronger than Screw
ABS Frame & Polyurethane Tire
1. The center of gravity is in the middle
2. Preventing any weight sloped to cause not accurate measuring.
3. No requiring strenuous effort to operate this.


Counter Durability and Precision Trial Instrument 4.

Counter precise test

  -- Non-stop 5000 times test for reset function    
  -- Non-stop 8000 meters running test within 3 hours.   5. And others ......
2. Measuring Wheels Durability and Precision Trial Instrument      
  -- Non-stop 5000 times test for counter-reset & wheel-break.      
  -- Non-stop 8000 meters running test within 3 hours      
3. 180cm single device drop test      
  -- Pass drop testing , at least 4 times from 6 height with different angle.
  -- You dont need to worry it will be damaged if drop it.      
Counter Reliability Tester   Measuring Wheel Reliability Tester   Production Testing
Drop Test   Gear Assemble Inspection
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